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Our mission is to be a leader in the contract furniture industry for superior design in aesthetics and function with an international contemporary influence, while maintaining a dedication to our customers by providing superior service and overall value with the highest corporate integrity.

Linq conference chairs

A surprising combination, Linq by Jonathan Prestwich features a more advanced method of everyday seating comfort with a much simpler mechanism.

Ginkgo Lounge low back

LATEST PRODUCT -The Ginkgo Lounge Low Back offers a comfortable, clean design with a small footprint.

Davis "Cloud"

 Immeasurable comfort is the trademark of this breathtaking office chair. The seat and back pad are a blend of down, feather, and polyester fiber cushions, implementing a new level of comfort to the modern office

Davis "Ekko"



Ekko ushers a new level of style into conference rooms and personal office spaces everywhere.

Davis "Circo"

The key to Circo’s design is the scoop back of the plastic seat. Sitting higher than most barstool backs, it provides unmatched support and comfort.

Davis "Modo"

The Modo bench collection can initiate an abundance of design opportunities in virtually any space imaginable.