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The Bierman Group

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Stylex focuses its efforts on the modern office environment with careful consideration given to balancing aesthetics, value, ergonomics, and green technology

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Metrum stands out for its potential to create endless, linear runs by offering a variety of sensible components. 


Cove offers tremendous flexibility and will support most any seated posture with room to spare for your tablet, laptop, or a good book.

NYC Relaxed by Stylex

NYC's Relaxed 


Relaxed is truly luxurious and easy with an appearance markedly less structured than Wrap-Over or Standard. 

Insight Executive


Insight Executive extends our Insight family of chairs to a more luxurious, sophisticated level. The addition of a tall back model, characterized by its headrest extension, is a logical option for more formal environments. With immaculate tailoring and special attention to refined sewing details, as well as real comfort based on precisely engineered premium foam and embedded mesh, Insight Executive confidently assumes its role as an understated classic.

the many styles of SAVA

Designed by award-winning architect Sava Cvek